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The Latest Technology for Better Patient Care

It's safe to say that some dental practices are long on technology and short on compassionate care. And the reverse is also true. But at Green Dental, we apply the newest technology with the utmost concern for patient care and comfort. Here's a brief overview of our technological capabilities:

TLC Lighting System and Monitors in Treatment Rooms

TLC Lighting System - Comfortable Nashville Dentist Services The TLC lighting system enables patients to watch television and movies as they receive dental treatment. The TLC system can also be used as an educational tool to show patients x-rays, educational videos, and intra-oral photos.

Velscope System

Velscope System - State-of-the-art Nashville Dentist Oral cancer screenings are an important tool used in the detection of oral cancer at its earliest stages. Our Velscope system uses a special light to determine abnormal tissue growth.

Isolite Mouthpiece

Isolite Mouthpiece - Relaxing Nashville Dentist The Isolite mouthpiece is a revolutionary type of dental equipment. In the past, patients had to continually hold their mouths open during dental procedures. By contrast, the Isolite acts as a mouth rest that allows the mouth to be held open comfortably, while providing Green Dental professionals excellent lighting and a dry field for attentive care.

Diagnodent Laser Cavity Finder

Laser Cavity Finder - Technologically Advanced Nashville Dentist Laser cavity finders allow dentists to use laser fluorescence to discover small amounts of decay that might be undetectable with an explorer. This technology is very beneficial to patients because it allows us to find decay at its earliest stage, helping to spare patients the need to undergo costly dental treatment in the future.

Diode Laser

Diode Laser - Your Modern Nashville Dentist A diode laser has many important uses in the modern dental office. For example, it can be used to reshape the gum tissue to create a more attractive smile, plus it can also be used to uncover implant sites prior to crown placement.

Digital X-Ray

Digital X-Ray - Your Nashville Dentist Saves You Money Digital x-ray systems have become a vital part of the modern dental office. What's more, digital x-ray systems are safer than traditional x-ray systems because patients are exposed to a smaller amount of radiation. In addition, digital x-ray systems help protect the environment because they eliminate the need to purchase processing chemicals commonly associated with traditional x-ray systems.

Computer Based Dental Practice

Nashville Dentist Computer Patient Health Record System In an effort to protect our environment, the professionals at Green Dental have decided to implement a computer patient health record system to: 1) help limit the amount of paper our practice consumes; 2) to improve productivity; and 3) to increase efficiency.

Amalgam Separator

Amalgam Separator - Safe Nashville Dentist An amalgam separator prevents the potentially harmful chemicals in amalgam (silver fillings) from being reintroduced into the environment. Out of an abundance of caution, Green Dental voluntarily follows the amalgam disposal policies adopted by the American Dental Association.